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Pantone Orange

Matching delicious orange food with beautiful Pantone colors.
Enjoy! ☻

Pantone orange food. Yoenpaperland
Pantone orange food. 
Peach. Yoenpaperland
Pantone orange food. 
Pancake. Yoenpaperland
Pantone orange food. 
Carrots. Yoenpaperland
Pantone orange food. 
Salmon. Yoenpaperland
Pantone orange food. 
Tangerine. Yoenpaperland
Pantone orange food. 
Turmeric. Yoenpaperland

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Great Albums Covers

A small compilation of albums covers that I found on the internet. Some I have heard others not, but I like the designs. I have all of them in my board #❶❺ on mi Pinterest.
If you find any out there that I don't have, I'd appreciate sending it to me 


Pinterest Board: https://bit.ly/3hju6v7

Best Albums of 2019 (So Far): Top Albums of The Year | Complex
/// Eels / Daisies Of The Galaxy #music #eels #indie

/// Los campesinos!
News — Los Campesinos!
/// BH :D
/// Pixies ! <3
/// OMG, great band & album cover. THE BOOKS  :) #music #albumcover #design
Dinosaur Jr. #music #dinosaur #grunge #90´s #rock
Megan Thee Stallion Reveals Debut Album “SUGA”: Tracklist & Cover Art
REPUBLIC - Bad Habits (Edición Deluxe) (CD)
Artist: King Crimson | Album: In the Court of the Crimson King | Year: 1969 | Genres: Progressive rock, experimental, art rock, avant-garde, symphonic prog, free improvisation, psychedelic rock, jazz rock, fantasy, philosophy, melancholic, lonely, epic
/// The Mars Volta / Frances To Mute #music #experimental #rock #mars #volta
Pixies - Trompe Le Monde: CD, Album For Sale | Discogs
Pixies - Bossanova (CD), Pop Music
The Origin of Joy Division's Most Famous Album Cover 'Unknown Pleasures', Finally Revealed.
/// The Wighs
/// Klaxons "Surfing the void" #album #cover #cat #nasa #klaxons
Andy Warhol - Warhol Banana Cover: Nico & The Velvet Underground Vinyl Record C.1983 Pop Art
/// Tom Waits / Small Change #tom #waits #songwritter #70`s #music #rock
/// Lou Barlow · Goodnight Unknown :)
#music #albumcover #design  #indie #songwriter #folk
/// Pavement :)
LP 1974   Design: Giorgio Spadanuda
Art Blakey Quintet "A Night At Birdland vol. 2" Blue Note Records BLP 1521 12" LP Vinyl Record (1954) Album Cover Design by Reid Miles Photo by Francis Wolff
Estas son algunas de las portadas de discos más llamativas por su alto contenido artístico, conceptual y calidad de ejecución.
The Jazz Blues of Blue Note Records
Béla Bartók - Musik für saiteninstrumente, schlagzeug und celesta
Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
/// Old record album cover
Unintentionally Terrifying Children's Album Covers.  Someone please help Alice!!
“Caderno de Notas," Ribamar e seu Conjunto, Columbia Records (Brazil)
...till Jesus comes...
Rick Sundblad ‎– Rejoicing With Rick [Rainbow Sound R-2443-LPS]
Album Covers from Yugoslavia | Earthly Mission
This is My Life by Ben – vintage album cover; dog
Guilty Pleasure  - - - -Disco Dog (1977)
Juicy Lucy | Juicy Lucy

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Thimbleweed Park

Mi misión: resolver el misterio en esta cuarentena 💛
Thimbleweed Park está genial y más que genial. El Guión es increíble y los personajes ufff, (mi favorito es el payaso Ransome).
Lo estamos jugando en playStation 4. 🙃

Thimbleweed Park es un pueblo donde aparece un cadáver, y al llegar dos agentes de nombre "Reyes" y "Ray" descubres que al principio les da igual investigar el caso pero poco a poco terminan interesándose mucho por el caso y por los personajes del pueblo. De hecho el slogan del juego no podría ejemplificarlo de mejor manera: "En un pueblo como Thimbleweed Park, un cadáver es el menor de tus problemas".

Para quienes vimos la serie Twin Peaks, este juego tiene mucho de la estética en cuanto al pueblo, personajes, situaciones y ambientación que hacen que recuerdes a esta serie sin lugar a dudas. También me recordó un poco a los  X Files por los agentes Fox Mulder y Scully.

No suelo jugar en consola desde hace mucho tiempo y este juego ha hecho que vuelva a sentir algo muy parecido al jugar Zelda de Nintendo: es adictivo y emocionante. Thimbleweed Park está para Mac • Windows • Linux • Xbox One• PS4 • iOS • Switch.

Pd. En algún momento del juego vas a necesitar la liga del video cuando iniciaron el Kickstarter: https://bit.ly/3dXNSe4  😉

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Cameron’s World

Years ago I found the coolest website on the internet: www.cameronsworld.net
It is a very fun page that will take you hours to navigate by having to click on each clip art to discover the content of each page. ☻

Cameron's World is a tribute to the lost days of unrefined self-expression on the Internet. Cameron's World is a web-collage of text and images excavated from the buried neighborhoods of archived GeoCities pages (1994–2009).

GeoCities was a web-hosting service that made it possible for people to build their own home pages. During the 90s, users from all over the world created personalized corners of the Internet.

By the time the U.S. service shut down in October 2009, there were over 38 million GeoCities pages. Cameron’s World brings together archived material from thousands and thousands of these sites.

The music on the site is also great and was created by Robin Hughes and you can download it from the website. It is located at the end of the site in the footer.

Cameron's World was built by Berlin-based designer Cameron Askin, is a frenetic web-collage created as “a love letter to the internet of old.” ❤ ❤ ❤

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Modern Botanical charts. A small collection for decorating spaces in your home. ☻

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☻ Soon ☻

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A small collection of things that I find online. All with faces.
Happy faces make me feel happy. 

  Lili Scratchy has done it again. Love this one!jean jullien crafts porcelain 'face plates' with peculiar personalitiesFace Plates – Pastel mintUniverso - Nadiuska and Priscila FurtadoMini Yuki DishShop — LINDA PAPPADonna WilsonPaint acrylic on wood discs. Pendant earrings or brooch. porcelain brooches by studio meezHandmade Porcelain Sculpture - Claire de Lune Art1

lili scratchy: miss ArabicaScandinavian ceramicist Eric Roinestad’s pieces are a meditation on the modernist greats.Two ceramic faces. One inspired by Picasso, the other by tribal tattoos.Six Swedish Interior Design Blogs You Should Be Reading

Ceramics : André Borderie. Glazed ceramic dish 1960.Charlotte Mei Face Mugit's the little things like this that can brighten your day if you let itLifeless Face #037 | on the buses, Inspector Cyril "Blakey" … | Flickrphoto - Sundial Happy Face, Nuremberg old town | Flickr - Photo Sharing!Wrinkly one. . . . . #pareidolia #mirror #mirrorimage #iseefaces #darkart #photoshop #surrealism #weirdart #weird #surrealart #surreal #creepy #eerie #nature #naturephotography #personification #photomanipulation #facesinthings #digitalart #facehunters #strangeart #oddart #creepmachine #trippy #trippyart #bizarre #bizarreart #symmetry_art #symmetry #woodartcajita :)

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What graphic elements should we consider when developing an identity.

The word "Branding" is an anglicism used in the world of marketing to define the process of creating a brand. Beyond a simple logo, a Graphic Identity should help your business connect with your customers and convey an attractive and functional way of what you are trying to sell.

A well-executed graphic identity perfectly describes the idea and feeling behind a company, so it is very important to be clear about the concept that you want to transmit and from there, work with the elements that help you represent it correctly through visual identity.

These elements are:
1. Color
2. Composition (typography, graphics)
3. Aspect (formats, applications)


The concept behind a brand is the base structure from which we start sketching and designing. In the process that determines the identity, we must stop and ask ourselves: how does it make me feel? For example, if we had to create an identity for a health center, we could ask ourselves: does it give me peace of mind? Is the typography appropriate? In this particular case, choosing a typeface with rounded corners would be an excellent decision, since the typeface with straight cuts reflects tension.


We must also ask ourselves if we are using the right colors since generally our mind and references learned during life push us to feel a certain way when observing the color and it is very important to know about psychology and color semiotics for a good integration when creating a creative concept.


The use of the wonderful grid is a fundamental part of any identity. Symmetry is the way in which we establish a visual order, and this is reflected in the aesthetics of any graphic identity.

Every day, in every observation we exercise, we try to accommodate objects in an imaginary space in such a way that they cause stability. This way of mentally ordering things is a fundamental principle when creating an identity, regardless of whether or not you have a background in design. Observing the elements correctly arranged in a grid generates a sense of order and cleanliness. A saturated design without a grid creates a feeling of stress, and it is unpleasant to the eye.

A different perspective

It is interesting to observe the importance of a graphic identity applied in a different artistic discipline, such as the cinema.

Already being clear that identity gives value to your words, to your idea, and that in all the artistic fields the identity dictates the aesthetics; let's talk about how the filmmaker Stanley Kubrick applies a graphic identity for the promotion of his films by means of a poster. We can see in the posters of Stanley Kubrick films very well-chosen typography, colors, photography and graphic elements. This is clearly the case of someone who knows the importance of graphic composition in order to represent and sell an idea.

Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick worked with graphic designer Saul Bass to create posters to promote their films. It is no coincidence that these great film directors knew the importance of the graphic image to better sell their projects.

Another filmmaker who uses this knowledge is Wes Anderson. In his film "Hotel Budapest", he worked with graphic designer Annie Atkins to build the identity of both the hotel and Mendel's store. All the important principles of a graphic identity are reflected in the film: logo, colors, typographies, printed graphics on business cards, letterheads, packaging, uniforms, passports and newspapers, and a lot of other items used in the film. By integrating everything, we see how the graphic identity helps the viewer feel at a certain time and place, as well as letting us understand more deeply the story and its characters.

The human being is visual by nature, create a graphic identity based on this principle will help your customers become more familiar with your brand and it will help you transmit emotions by which they can relate.

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This is a selection of movie posters that I like. The composition and the design of the typography used in each one of them is something really appealing to me and in my opinion, it was beautifully executed; although I have to say that I haven't seen some of these films yet.


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