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A small collection of great illustrations that I find on the Internet is stored in my board number ❹ on my Pinterest.
If you find any that I don't have, send it to me.


Pinterest Board: https://bit.ly/3sJRyYd

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Frank Zappa

Regalo para Riki por su cumpleaños. â™¥

Siempre es genial regalar a alguien lo que le gusta o emociona. Riki cumplió años y Frank Zappa es su músico favorito, así que le pedí a mi talentosisísimo amigo Nef Espino que me hiciera una ilustración de Frank Zappa para su regalo de cumpleaños.

Elegí la imagen de referencia de internet y el resultado fué más que perfecto y nos encantó 🙂

La ilustración:

La referencia:

Frank Zappa, 1988 (AP Photo)

Riki en 2011 con un gatito en casa de nuestro amigo Ramsés =^.^=

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Editorial Design

One of my favorite editorial design Pinterest collections that I find on the Internet is stored in my board number ❶ on my Pinterest. If you find one that I don't have, send it to me.

This was the first board that I opened when I started using Pinterest. An editorial design board. I like editorial design and at the time I made my account I was working in a magazine called Neue and it was a great help for me to find inspiration. ❤


Pinterest Board: https://bit.ly/3sgspTP

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Fiona Hewitt

Fiona and her love of the Asian design aesthetic.


I discovered Fiona on a trip to Paris at the Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées. I really liked her illustration and when I returned to Mexico I looked for her on the internet and discovered the reason for her nostalgic Korean illustration.

His work is totally influenced by the four years he spent living in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. The use of colors, textures, icons, and graphic styles are representative of Asia.

On her return to the UK, she created a company called Wu and Wu which enabled her to transform her love of the Asian design aesthetic, nostalgia, and sweet childhood memories into her art and her product range.

Fun Fact: She recently uploaded an Instastorie where Nick Cave is buying her one of his beautiful little metal boxes.

Fiona Hewitt website: www.fionahewitt.com

Fiona Hewitt Instagram: www.instagram.com/fionahewittart

Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/FionaHewittDesigns

Shop – Fiona Hewitt | Image 4 Baking girl | Ilustraciones vintage,  Ilustraciones, Ilustración clásica
Fiona Hewitt | Creative art, Art, College art
Adoration of the Peaches Wix).jpg
Website-girl-with-butterfly.jpg (891×1198) | Vintage tekens, Ansichtkaart,  Illustraties
Portfolio – Fiona Hewitt | Vintage illustration, Postcard, Vintage kitsch
Fiona Hewitt | Inspiration Lab
Phantasmaphile: Fiona Hewitt | Kitsch art, Sentimental art, Children  illustration
Anahata Katkin: Fiona Hewitt
i luv fiona hewitt so talented. | Cartes vintage, Image pour enfant,  Enfantin
Fiona Hewitt | Kitsch, Vintage kitsch, Cute art
TokyoBunnie: January 2007
Anahata Katkin: Fiona Hewitt
Fiona Hewitt | Cartes postales anciennes, Illustration, Carte postale
by Fiona Hewitt | Illustration art, Art inspiration, Artist art

SUO boutique: Introducing Fiona Hewitt...

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Jean Jullien…

and the great simplicity of its graphics.

When in November 2015 the city of Paris suffered one of its greatest terrorist attacks, a symbol circulated on social networks around the world and became an icon of peace and solidarity. It was the symbol of peace with the Eiffel Tower inside. Its creator was Jean Jullien.

Jean's brilliant work is instantly recognizable and inimitable. His work has a humorous and effortless style that makes it unique, simple, and wonderful. From magazine publications, clothing brand, and a great set of plates to great collectibles, they are part of Jean's multidisciplinary work.

In 2016, Jean launched Nounou with Jae Huh, a Korea-based label producing a wide range of items including clothing, graphic objects, rugs, and dolls. For more information on the latest collection, go to nounou.kr

Jean Jullien website: www.jeanjullien.com

Jean Jullien Instagram: www.instagram.com/jean_jullien/

jean jullien monograph 03
Jean Jullien, illustration, design, installation, featured artist,
Jean Jullien x Case Studyo, Bright Idea
Playful set of Face Plates by Jean Jullien and Case Studyo - PLAIN Magazine
Case Studyo x Jean Jullien, Face Plates; Ceramic Homewares
Case Studyo x Jean Jullien, Face Plates
Case Studyo x Jean Jullien, Face Plates
Playful set of Face Plates by Jean Jullien and Case Studyo - PLAIN Magazine
Jean Jullien creates line-drawn sculptures for Nantes' Le Jardin des Plantes

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The beautiful art direction of a Nightmare.

Ari Aster director de esta película exige que prestes mucha atención a los detalles y en verdad, es inevitable.

Conocí a este director por otra de sus películas; "Hereditary" y desde ahí percibí que su propuesta visual es extremadamente cuidada y pensada, desde paletas de colores bien conformadas, tapices en paredes, patrones, props de acompañamiento en los escenarios y su diseño gráfico. El director comunica mucho de la historia por medio de la dirección de arte. Su escala es impresionante.

La diseñadora y directora de arte Nille Svensson fue responsable de gran parte de este material complejo, interpretando una rica mitología (creada para la película) y tradiciones del mundo real en un arte gráfico denso que impacta desde el primer momento.

Mi primera reacción fue como 'wooooooow' porque las cosas no eran como las esperaba en ningún momento (al igual que con "Hereditary").

Los elementos gráficos juegan un papel muy importante en la narrativa de la película, comenzando con la toma de apertura y extendiéndose a los tapices y murales. Otra cosa que me llamó la atención, desde la perspectiva del diseño de producción, fue el papel que juega la simetría.

Ari Aster, al igual que Wes Anderson, se ha convertido en uno de mis favoritos entre muchas cosas por por su excelente narrativa y dirección de arte.

Midsommar Director's Cut: Collector's Edition:https://shop.a24films.com/collections/all-products/products/midsommar-directors-cut-collectors-edition

I ❤ Midsommar

Should You See Midsommar - Mild Spoilers To Help Decide
Midsommar: Un viaje de horror y ocultismo

How Old Pelle REALLY Is & His Role In The Harga Cult Explained
midsommar : SFcrowsnest
Flo Scream Pin

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Travis Lampe

From Chicago a sample of his fun and great work.

Travis Lampe is a surreal illustrator from a small town in Kansas. His style is great. I found out about his work through a store in Monterrey Mx. (which by the way no longer exists) which was called "Rojo Bermelo" where you could find figures of illustrators or even projects by local artists. Their illustrations remind me a lot of Adventure Time stories.

I loved their "teardrops" collection and later acquired it online. From then on I like to see his work and I hope one day to have an illustration of him at home, it would be great :). I read that you currently live and work in Chicago.

Travis Lampe website: http://www.travislampe.com/

Travis Lampe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travislampe

Travis Lampe - Artist Profile - WOW x WOW
Travis Lampe "rat-herder" : ImaginaryMonsters
PRØHBTD - Enter the Surreal World of Travis Lampe
I Love Lampe. Travis Lampe. | ILLUSTRATION AGE
Travis Lampe (With images) | Trippy painting, Lowbrow art, Pop ...
Animaformas — Animaforma por Travis Lampe Instagram | Web |
31 Days of Halloween: Travis Lampe - The Beat
Egg Pummeler' by Travis Lampe - WOW x WOW Gallery
Corey Helford Gallery Presents Junko Mizuno, Mayuka Yamamoto, and ...
Puffy pufferton Acrylic by Travis Lampe | Trampt Library
Travis Lampe - Artist Profile - WOW x WOW
Rainbow fountain 1 Acrylic by Travis Lampe | Trampt Library
October Exhibits: Travis Lampe, Netherland and Charlie Megna ...
Corey Helford Gallery - Shows - Show Detail
DumbSummons - Wisdummy by Travis Lampe — Martian Toys
Travis Lampe - Fruit-n-Snake Arrangement - #2 – GiantRobotStore
Travis Lampe_lo
by Travis Lampe | Surrealismo
Tear Drips by Travis Lampe (A Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi project)

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Magda Archer

A great artist and illustrator from London.

London artist and illustrator Magda Archer creates cool kitsch art characters sharing bad words.

Archer's retro artwork is completely has a surreal kitsch sensibility. Magda grew up in a minimalist, modern house with designer parents who enjoyed quiet spaces. Perhaps rebelling because of her parents' harsh taste, Magda embarked on an artistic career filled with color, embellishment, and visual humor. Her first degree was in Graphic Design at the Chelsea School of Art.

Recently she collaborated with Marc Jacobs and I managed to get one of the bags in this collection (the orange one) 🙂 … happiness.

I share some of the things about her work that I like, and enjoy! ♥

Magda Archer. Yoenpaperland.
Magda Archer. Yoenpaperland.
Magda Archer. Yoenpaperland.
Magda Archer. Yoenpaperland.
Magda Archer. Yoenpaperland.
Magda Archer. Yoenpaperland.
Magda Archer. Yoenpaperland.
Magda Archer. Yoenpaperland.

Collaboration with Marc Jacobs.

Magda Archer x The Men's Intarsia Sweater Marc Jacobs in 2020 ...
Magda Archer x Marc Jacobs Collection Lookbook | HYPEBAE
Magda Archer x Marc Jacobs Collection Lookbook | HYPEBAE
Magda Archer x Marc Jacobs Collection Lookbook | HYPEBAE
Magda Archer x Marc Jacobs Collection Lookbook | HYPEBAE
Magda Archer x Marc Jacobs Collection Lookbook | HYPEBAE
MARC JACOBS x MAGDA ARCHER by Michael Kusumadjaja (Hypebeast)

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Happy Prints

Great and beautiful prints By Byron Eggenschwiler.☻

I recently saw the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" and it would seem that this has nothing to do with my Byron Eggenschwiler post but it does.

Knowing from the documentary that all social networks make an algorithm based on the things you like and that from that they show you what you should consume because in part it makes me happy because thanks to this algorithm I have discovered as much music and cinema as cool artists like Byron.

Byron Eggenschwiler is an illustrator living in Canada.

His illustration style is amazing, cool, and with an air of darkness. I recently purchased 3 prints from his online store and he sent me 4 great postcards with the prints.

I am infinitely grateful to the algorithm of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for helping me to know the work of such great artists.

Enjoy their amazing work:

Byron Instagram: byronegg
Website: www.byronegg.com
Tumblr: byronegg.tumblr.com

The prints I bought:

I really like the feeling it gives me when I see your illustrations. They always make me smile. ☻

Image of "Lovely Day"
Image of "Half Carrot by Morning"
Image of "Good Cake, Bad Cake"
Image of "The Crossing"

Some other illustrations from his website:

Personal — Byron Eggenschwiler
James Joyce's "The Dead"

Secret Tunnels
‘Benediction’ by Kent Haruf
The Haunted School
Changing the Equation
Finding The Right Structure For You

The House Is Haunted | Personal | Byron Eggenschwiler Illustration
Byron Eggenschwiler
Byron Eggenschwiler
Byron Eggenschwiler.
Hope and Skepticism | byronegg.com
/// haunted1big
Filling in the Gaps
A piece for Avenue Edmonton about how volunteers would rather donate in smaller chunks of time towards a larger cause and how to make that work for everyone. Thanks to AD Pete Nguyen!
The Night Beetles
For a piece in Avenue magazine on the creator of LikeBlockr, an app that blocks you from viewing and giving likes on instagram. Big thanks again to AD Pete Nguyen!
Byron Eggenschwiler

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Horror Art by Aaron B. Heimlich.

Love is ... finding great things on the internet like this.

Horror Art by Aaron B. Heimlich.

Some time ago I came across the series of photomontages by Aaron B. Heimlich and I was fascinated by the simplicity of his art. About the artist's project: “Shedim is a Hebrew word to call a benevolent demon. They live with us and are always around us, the fact that we don't see them is because we have to open our eyes and our minds more. ” In the series, Heimlich reminds us that these demons are there and he does it using old photographs. This aims to demonstrate that the Shedim accompanies us in all kinds of everyday situations, whether in a graduation ceremony, nursery, hairdressing or even in our own home.

Enjoy! â˜»

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