Great and beautiful prints By Byron Eggenschwiler.☻

I recently saw the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" and it would seem that this has nothing to do with my Byron Eggenschwiler post but it does.

Knowing from the documentary that all social networks make an algorithm based on the things you like and that from that they show you what you should consume because in part it makes me happy because thanks to this algorithm I have discovered as much music and cinema as cool artists like Byron.

Byron Eggenschwiler is an illustrator living in Canada.

His illustration style is amazing, cool, and with an air of darkness. I recently purchased 3 prints from his online store and he sent me 4 great postcards with the prints.

I am infinitely grateful to the algorithm of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for helping me to know the work of such great artists.

Enjoy their amazing work:

Byron Instagram: byronegg

The prints I bought:

I really like the feeling it gives me when I see your illustrations. They always make me smile.

Image of "Lovely Day"
Image of "Half Carrot by Morning"
Image of "Good Cake, Bad Cake"
Image of "The Crossing"

Some other illustrations from his website:

Personal — Byron Eggenschwiler
James Joyce's "The Dead"

Secret Tunnels
‘Benediction’ by Kent Haruf
The Haunted School
Changing the Equation
Finding The Right Structure For You

The House Is Haunted | Personal | Byron Eggenschwiler Illustration
Byron Eggenschwiler
Byron Eggenschwiler
Byron Eggenschwiler.
Hope and Skepticism |
/// haunted1big
Filling in the Gaps
A piece for Avenue Edmonton about how volunteers would rather donate in smaller chunks of time towards a larger cause and how to make that work for everyone. Thanks to AD Pete Nguyen!
The Night Beetles
For a piece in Avenue magazine on the creator of LikeBlockr, an app that blocks you from viewing and giving likes on instagram. Big thanks again to AD Pete Nguyen!
Byron Eggenschwiler