The Symbols and their meaning at the beginning of each episode.

Ozark is a great series that has cost me work to continue watching since it takes them years to launch each season and by the time the new one comes out I have to see the previous one to understand. Even so, it is one of my favorite series and it has something that I love: in the intro of each episode the titles appear with a letter O and four sections inside, in each of them there is a symbol or icon that is different in each episode and reveals what is about to happen.

Although it is a very original way of separating each episode, I also find the use of semiotics great because of the intrigue that it gives you as a spectator when trying to solve what is about to happen by having seen the symbols.
I've been thinking of having some symbol T-shirts made just for fun. 🙃

I found this video on Youtube that has only the curtains from the first season... Enjoy!

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