Years ago I found the coolest website on the internet:
It is a very fun page that will take you hours to navigate by having to click on each clip art to discover the content of each page. ☻

Cameron's World is a tribute to the lost days of unrefined self-expression on the Internet. Cameron's World is a web-collage of text and images excavated from the buried neighborhoods of archived GeoCities pages (1994–2009).

GeoCities was a web-hosting service that made it possible for people to build their own home pages. During the 90s, users from all over the world created personalized corners of the Internet.

By the time the U.S. service shut down in October 2009, there were over 38 million GeoCities pages. Cameron’s World brings together archived material from thousands and thousands of these sites.

The music on the site is also great and was created by Robin Hughes and you can download it from the website. It is located at the end of the site in the footer.

Cameron's World was built by Berlin-based designer Cameron Askin, is a frenetic web-collage created as “a love letter to the internet of old.” ❤ ❤ ❤