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This is a selection of movie posters that I like. The composition and the design of the typography used in each one of them is something really appealing to me and in my opinion, it was beautifully executed; although I have to say that I haven't seen some of these films yet.


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When I travel, I like to pick up objects that are forgotten in random places by someone else. I also like to collect flyers that are delivered by a stranger on the street and bring them back with me. By doing so, I feel the memories of my journeys stick with me and they become more real, so all these precious souvenirs are extremely important to me. I love to see the cards or flyers I collected and admire their great design, their textures, and the cool information they provide. I believe this is a more beautiful and better way to remember a place by. These are the memoirs of some of my trips out there and I call them: "happy days." ☻

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These layers were designed for a gif that displays in a fun and general way the staff and diverse goods and services provided by the Diis Marketing Agency where I currently work. The gif is used for a section of the Diis Marketing website. Enjoy!

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Photography exercise with ice just for fun ☻

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Living among great mountains is a fortune. Inspiration is born easily if you are surrounded by them every day. The feeling you get if the first thing you see in the mornings is the mountains, it's like they're key to start a brand-new day filled with energy.

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So happy for visiting a Lance Wyman Art Exhibit in Monterrey NL. An excellent exhibition, one of the best I've seen.

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